Season 2, Episode 8, The History of Lynching in Florida Part 2, is packed of brutal stories of lynching in Florida that Dr. Marvin Dunn has researched over many years. The Dunn Brothers share in much detail the stories of Stella Young, a young woman lynched while being pregnant. Willie James Howard a young Blackman forced by multiple white man to jump in the Suwanee River in front of his father while his hands and feet were bound. This happened before the tragic event of Emmett Till and isn’t known to many. Find out what really happened in the Newberry Case or what happened to Willie Grad Simmons the last black man to be lynched in Florida and much more. It’s sad these mostly unknown stories aren’t learned in our school curriculum but the Dunn Brothers are here to fix that. Tune in the find out how these tragic events happened through black eyes.

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