Now What?

The Trump administration is finally coming to an end. On January 20, 2020, President-Elect Joe Biden will be installed as America’s 46th president. Unfortunately for our country, President Trump will leave behind a litany of lies, conspiracies, and lawsuits as well as the largest turnover of key administration personnel of any president in American history. Never has an American president encaged children and separated them from their parents, nor has a president claimed to have done more for blacks than any other president except possibly Abe Lincoln. It is too late now to dispute Trump’s lies and unsubstantiated claim what good would that do, so let us get on about the business of addressing the more import question of “What Now”?

Our podcast expert Dr. Marvin Dunn knows a thing or two about politics and we are sure you-our listening audience-would like to hear his views on where do we go from here?

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