The Civil Rights Movement in Miami
Dr. Marvin Dunn
The Storyteller

In this episode we revisit the civil rights movement in Miami and discuss in more detail what role CORE and the NAACP played, we focus on leaders of the movement and surprisingly why some blacks opted not to participate. We wrap up the discussion with the outcomes that were accomplished and how some state and local politicians helped make it all happened.

Civil Rights Movement

Do you know there was a fort built in Florida in 1816 named “The Negro Fort”? Do you know American troops blew the Negro Fort up killing 800 black soldiers, women and children? That part of black history was almost erased by changing the name of the fort to “The Renegade Cemetery” but no part of black history eludes “The Storyteller”, tune in and find out what happened.


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Doing the age of exploration there was a mad rush all over the world to find gold, land and other opportunities to create wealth. But for the most part history only gives the idealized version. Listen as “The Storyteller” reveals the many roles that blacks played as they sailed the seas with Christopher Columbus, Ponce De Leon and others during the exciting but dangerous Age Of Exploration. Your eyes will be open to what really happened.
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Now What?

The Trump administration is finally coming to an end. On January 20, 2020, President-Elect Joe Biden will be installed as America’s 46th president. Unfortunately for our country, President Trump will leave behind a litany of lies, conspiracies, and lawsuits as well as the largest turnover of key administration personnel of any president in American history. Never has an American president encaged children and separated them from their parents, nor has a president claimed to have done more for blacks than any other president except possibly Abe Lincoln. It is too late now to dispute Trump’s lies and unsubstantiated claim what good would that do, so let us get on about the business of addressing the more import question of “What Now”?

Our podcast expert Dr. Marvin Dunn knows a thing or two about politics and we are sure you-our listening audience-would like to hear his views on where do we go from here?

What Does President Trump’s Battle with COVID 19 Mean for the Country,
Especially for the Black Community?
Should Blacks Take the Trump Vaccine?

These are very trying times. President Trump tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, more than 200,000 Americans have died from the virus under his leadership and to make matters worse his own medical advisors concluded that he was a COVID-19 super-spreader.  Many people are questioning his ability to lead the country, while others are asking to invoke the 25th amendment.  What does all of this mean for the world, our country, I cannot be certain, but lets’ turn to Dr. Dunn and Bryant for some answers on what it means for the black community.


In this episode community psychologist, Dr. Marvin Dunn and former community college dean Dr. Raymond Dunn continue their conversation on the explosive topic of policing in the black community. Their guest is a former Miami-Dade County Police Department, Major and District Commander Mr. Lonnie Lawrence. Officer Lawrence played an important role in bringing order to the city during the Miami Riots of the 1980s. He shares his professional opinions on the tactics police are using today and what might be a more effective criminal justice approach in the black community. Major Lawrence and Dr. Marvin Dunn wrap this topic up with their views on defunding police departments. Join us as we discuss a fair and effective model of “to protect and serve” without crossing the line.


In this episode community psychologist, Dr. Marvin Dunn and former community college dean Dr. Raymond Dunn in an insightful discussion about policing in the black community. Their guest, Mrs. Shirley Gibson, is the former mayor of Miami Gardens, Florida, a predominately black city that is the 3rd largest city in Miami Dade County, Florida. Mayor Gibson shared how difficult, yet rewarding it was to effectively administer a “community-oriented” police department, as well as her views on defunding police departments. Hear Mayor Gibson’s response to Dr. Marvin Dunn’s suggestion of “lawn chair policing”. This episode is filled with hands-on experience and reactions to the police issues we face today.


In this episode, Dr.’s Raymond & Marvin Dunn sadly will discuss the murder of George Floyd and attempt to answer the question, “Will this murder move the “needle of improvement” in the fight for blacks to have equal rights in America?”

Dr. Raymond Dunn uses Black historical events and movements from the past to see how far the needle has moved in the last 400 years since slavery. Our podcast expert Dr. Marvin Dunn will follow along, with his expert opinion on how far America’s black community has come and how much farther it will take for Black America to have equal rights.