Doctors Marvin and Raymond Dunn open the new season with a powerful episode about the history of the Black Seminole Indians. The brothers provide answers to questions you always wanted to ask about this little-known part of Black history. Dr. Marvin Dunn, a Florida historian and expert on the Black Seminoles, discuss the legend of the “Buffalo Soldiers” and the origin of the Seminole Tribe. Dr. Raymond Dunn raises the question, what is the difference between an escaped slave and a Black Seminole? The answer may surprise you. The discussion continues with; Black Seminole leaders like Abraham and John Horse and their impact on history and how former President Andrew Jackson and Major Francis L. Dade helped in the U.S. Indian Removal Act of 1830. We know our listeners will find this season opener very interesting and informative and we are excited to have the Dunn brother present it through black eyes.

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