This week’s episode concludes our two-part series on Slavery In Florida (Part 2). Through Black Eyes: Unfiltered’s host, Dr. Raymond Dunn asks challenging questions of his brother and Florida Historian, Dr. Marvin Dunn. If you think you learned a lot from Part 1, check this episode out and learn the difference between the “Task System” and the “Gang System” of working slaves. Learn why slaves felt that working on rice plantations was harder than picking cotton or tobacco. Learn how were “House Negroes” and “Field Negroes” treated differently, and was it an advantage to work in the house so closely to “The Man” or better to work in the “Open Fields?” Do you know why slave masters used marijuana on slaves? Did it work?

Listen to the real reason for the Civil War as seen through black eyes. Why were slaves worth more than land, why did reconstruction fail, and just to test your knowledge on the subject, what was a “Carpet Bagger”? If you are going “Ummm” right now then you need to tune in. Find out all of these black facts and more in this one episode. The Dunn Brothers may change your view of slavery in Florida.

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