When it comes to the horrific act of lynching, most people think of states such as, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama or others states deep in the heart of “Dixie”.  That’s what you were taught, right? Wrong! Listen to part 1 of this episode, The History of Lynching and learn the true history of how Florida, per capita, out lynched all the others states in the south.  The highly acclaimed brothers, Dr. Marvin Dunn, Florida historian and Dr. Raymond Dunn, our program commentator, will enlighten you on such facts as what is defined as a “lynching” as opposed to a “murder”and why the state of Florida reimbursed slave owners for lynching slaves.  You know of the KKK, but do you know why they wear white robes with pointed tops?   In this exciting episode of shocking revelations, you will learn the answers to these questions and many others.  We look forward to your comments.

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